History Of Coweta County

The history of Coweta County is one that is intricately linked to the history of Georgia itself, and to the events of the Civil War. This area was first settled in 1828, three years after the Coweta Indian tribe relinquished the land to the Federal government in the Treaty of Indian Springs. Farmers started growing cotton, which was ideally suited to the warm climate, and before long the area was a prosperous agricultural center.

The town of Newnan became established as the primary hub of the county, due in large part to the efforts of local citizens to bring the railroad to town. With the advent of the railroad in the mid-1850s, Newnan became one of the wealthiest towns in the United States at the time. In the years preceding the Civil War, this town experienced much construction and growth, and became a thriving commercial center.

The Civil War came close to Newnan and other towns in Coweta County, but for the most part the county was spared the ravages of that conflict. As a result, there are still many fine examples of pre-war architecture existing in the downtown areas. One town in Coweta County did see action, however.

Today, Coweta County remains an important commercial and residential center, and with the explosive growth of Atlanta, has become part of that city's metropolitan area. The county's population has grown and businesses continue to flourish here, all within the context of a rich and fascinating history that is distinctly Southern and unique to Georgia itself. If you are relocating to Coweta County, you will find a wealth of things to do and places to explore.