Fayette County Tourism

Fayette County, Georgia is one of 159 counties in the state. It is located within the Atlanta metro area, an easy distance to points of interest within the city. With two major cities, three towns and a rich history of its own, however, residents and guests often find that there is no need to venture outside the borders of this diverse and colorful place. Fayette County holds many attractions for people of all ages and interests.

Its proximity to Georgia's capital city makes Fayette County a strategic location in which to live and work. Fayette County also shares much history with Atlanta and other counties in the region, and one of its great assets is the number of historical buildings and places located within the county. Thousands of visitors come every year to tour historic residences and landmarks. Fayette County is home to the oldest courthouse in the state, as well as charming museums and antebellum estates that evoke a simpler time.

The towns and cities within Fayette County each have their own personality, and offer a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. Peachtree City, for example, is considered one of the most successful planned communities in the country, largely because of the many amenities it offers. Professionally designed golf courses, recreation areas, activity centers and sports complexes are designed in harmony with residential zones to offer something for everyone.

The towns of Tyrone and Brooks have a rich history, and invite visitors to join their community festivals each year, where residents celebrate Founder's Day and commemorate the many Civil War skirmishes that took place there. Fayette County is truly a unique and exciting place to visit, with a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors who are looking for a piece of American history in a place with an eye on the future.