Newnan Georgia

Newnan is the county seat of Coweta County, Georgia, located just outside of Atlanta. With a population of over 16,000, is is the largest city in the county and the center of activity for residents. Since its incorporation as a town in 1826, Newnan has been a prosperous and growing community, home to people and businesses who like its proximity to the capital but who want a more relaxed pace of life.

Newnan offers many amenities for those who live there, as well as those who visit this part of the state. Community activities and events are planned all year long, giving this city a small town flavor. Arts, theatre and recreational opportunities abound, and an active historical society maintains and organizes tours of historic places. The courthouse is a well-known landmark, and draws visitors from all over the country.

Housing in Newnan offers something for everyone. Carefully planned communities exist in harmony with the historic charm of this Southern city, and homes in every price range are available. An influx of new businesses to the area in recent years has created economic opportunities and stimulated the commercial sector. Today, Newnan is committed to preserving its history while encouraging controlled growth.

Newnan, Georgia has one eye on the future and the other on its colorful past. Residents and visitors find much to enjoy in this vibrant and historical city, which retains a sense of community in the face of growth and development. It is a progressive yet traditional place that appeals to people from all walks of life.