History Of Peachtree City

Peachtree City is known as one of Georgia's most successful planned residential communities. It was carefully designed to integrate homes, businesses and commercial districts to be in harmony with each other, thus ensuring a greater quality of life for its residents. Its history speaks to the value of thoughtful planning and careful consideration to the final result when developing real estate.

In 1959, Peachtree City was founded by a group of developers looking to create a different kind of residential community. They had over 15,000 acres to work with, and a concept for providing more than just lots on which to build homes. The founders of Peachtree City believed that by creating green spaces, protecting natural areas and planning out different zones for living, working and recreating, they could also create a better way of life for residents.

To this end, they laid out Peachtree City to ultimately include four distinct villages, all of which would have their own neighborhoods and facilities. Over the years, business and industry have settled on the 2,000 acres designated for these uses. In 1966, Peachtree City gained its own fire department. Bike paths and community centers have been incorporated into the commercial districts over time, in an effort to bring residents closer together and provide useful amenities to those who work there.

Currently, Peachtree City is home to about 30,000 residents and dozens of retail and industrial businesses. Over the course of its history, it has grown into its original plan and fulfilled the vision of its founders. With its diversity of housing and amenities, Peachtree City remains the perfect balance of work, home and leisure environments